"I moved to Chicago on about 2 week’s notice because of a job transfer and PPM has been nothing but wonderful.  My leasing was knowledgeable, friendly and very accommodating (I had to look at apartments @ 7:00 pm).  I fell in love the moment I walked into 450 W. Melrose – it is immaculate and about 100 yards to the lakefront!  My apartment is a clean studio with great closet space, new carpet, fresh paint, and a shower that works. Well, it stopped working once, but I called our building manager and he fixed it himself. That day. Literally within two hours of me randomly stopping him in the lobby on my way out to say my shower was being weird. And he APOLOGIZED for taking so long. Ten stars to Peter, he is fantastic. If you are also a girl in your mid-twenties who is overzealous about safety: I feel safe here. The parking lot is enclosed, you need a key to get in every door, I have three locks on my apartment door, and there are something like four security cameras."  

Wendy P.

"My husband and I lived in a PPM one bedroom @ 450 W. Melrose for the last 3 years – we only left due to a job transfer. We had a great experience with PPM from the start.  Michelle was our agent and she drove us around to 3 places that were in our price range.  She was really friendly and patient with us.   There was no security deposit, which really helped us out at the time.  Our bedroom was large enough to accommodate our King size bed, which was proved to be difficult to find.  Peter is the building engineer there and he is as good as it gets!!  He always had a friendly "hello" for us and he always responded to our maintenance requests immediately.  The building was always clean.  There were two elevators – which comes in handy. The washers and dryer always worked and the laundry room was always clean.  We will ALWAYS miss living that close to the lake!"  

Ashley and Mike

"I just renewed my lease for a second year at 450 Melroseand I have never once had a problem.  Peter keeps the building spotless and is always willing to help.  My apartment was immaculate when I moved in, and I am still trying to buy enough shoes to fill up my mile-wide closets.  The location is perfect, and with the express bus stop right on the corner, my commute to work takes literally 15 minutes.  Overall, I am super happy with my place and with Planned Property Management." 

Jeremiah W.

"We have lived at 450 W. Melrose for the last two years and we can honestly say PPM is the best property management company I've dealt with in over a decade in Chicago. Great building staff, easy communication with office staff and friendly neighbors. Things get fixed, fast. And they're always doing little improvements on the building like painting hallways, and carpeting the stairs in the common areas. We both bike to work – we love our new bike room and the fact that the bike path is right out our front door!"  


I had the extreme privilege of living at 450 W. Melrose for the last 3 years and I really enjoyed it! I would often be found here jogging along the lake, which wraps around a harbor. You look one way and you see all lovely docked boats in a harbor, look another way and all you see is glistening lake, and behind you is grassy lawn offering recreation, and ahead is the skyline along the shore. Beautiful! It is very cat and bike friendly too. There is a golfing, walking paths, volleyball, etc. The totem pole (which is very cool), if often a good meeting landmark. I've taken a few outdoor fitness classes here. I also have enjoyed bringing my small portable charcoal grill and just spending the day grilling and relaxing. 

Kyle L.